Our mission is to guide clients in navigating the intricate healthcare landscape by leveraging our extensive expertise, cutting-edge technology, transparent communication, and exceptional customer care.

My Why

When I was 16 my father had a massive stroke, leaving him disabled and bedridden for 10 more years until his death. As hard it was on my father, my mother wore the brunt of the strain as the primary caretaker.

The chaotic maze of doctor bills, insurance statements, and lack of transparency and guidance along the way ultimately exhausted her to the point of near resignation.

Watching her struggle at her little desk every single day to navigate the maze is why I do this work. I now know it doesn't have to be that difficult nor cost that much to get excellent care at a fair price in this country. I wish I knew this then.

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Empowering Healthcare Choices

Year-Round Expert Support for You and Your Employees Wellbeing

At IMAGINE Benefits & Consulting we believe in the importance of integrity, fully transparent communication, imagination, and empathy in all that we do, especially when it comes to healthcare benefit plans.

Our healthcare benefit plan is designed with your employees' needs in mind, and we take our fiduciary responsibility seriously.

We prioritize transparency, so you can be confident that your employees are getting the coverage they need and deserve. We also use our imagination to go beyond the basics, offering value-added services like wellness programs and telemedicine services that can help your employees stay healthy and reduce healthcare costs for your business. But we don't stop there.

We understand that each employee has unique healthcare needs, which is why we prioritize empathy in our approach. Our plan is designed to meet those needs, whether it's preventive care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, or specialty care.

With our fully transparent communication, your employees can feel confident that they're getting the care they need, without any surprises or hidden costs.


Meet James

James Nelson, founder of IMAGINE Benefits Solutions, has been advising clients on insurance and asset protection solutions for three decades.

As a trusted benefits consultant, his passion is delivering innovative solutions to forward thinking business owners and executives that are tired of overspending on their underperforming healthcare benefits.

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